Folder Lock 7.9.1 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Folder Lock

Folder Lock 7.9.1 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Folder Lock

Folder Lock 7.9.1 improved version of Folder Lock is an Android application that works to satisfy the needs of security-conscious users. The Folder Lock provides much-needed features like password protection of photos and videos, secured wallets, data recovery, decoy mode, stealth mode, and hack attempt monitoring. Folder Lock is a tool that password-protects files, folders, and drives. The program helps to hide, protect, and encrypt files on your computer, hard drive, or any portable storage device. It can also secure the files from viruses and spyware and protects them from being accessed by other PCs in the network. Folder Lock can lock files in Windows, DOS, and Safe Modes.

If you share your computer with family or friends or want to protect your files, Anvi Folder Locker is a handy program that lets you hide folders or apply passwords to prevent others from accessing the contents. Folder Lock is a full-suite solution for all your data security needs. It lets you keep your files protected in various ways, in both PC and portable drives and offers optional backup of protected files to online storage. The security of your data is of utmost importance, and now more so than ever. Advanced technology has only made such mischievous players more audacious. Fortunately, certain resources are available to ward off such unwanted attacks.

Folder Lock is a great product for a shared computer or system accessible through a shared network. The Folder Lock can password-protect files, folders, hard drives, removable storage devices (like USBs), and more for a home computer. The protected files can be hidden from kids or others in the network and can not be removed or deleted from their original location. The program also safeguards the computer from hackers and other malware attacks. The interface is very simple, so even if you don’t have much experience, you won’t have any problems getting it to work. To use Anvi Folder Locker, add items with the ‘add’ button on the top. There are no limitations to how many folders you can add.

Folder Lock + License Key

Folder Lock + License Key you have everything that you want on your list, you’ll see a tab beside each option with six different locks for you to choose from unprotected, which is self-explanatory; hidden, to make it disappear from view; locked, to require a password to access it; read-only, to prohibit any edits to your documents, and hidden and locked, to hide a file and prevent access with a special password. It comes with additional security settings unheard of before, including application-level password security, stealth mode, hack security,y, and auto protection.

Folder Lock comes with a perfect combination of seven (7) security tools, letting you encrypt your important files using 256-bit on-the-fly encryption, Back them up in real-time to online storage, and store them on any portable device. The program also lets you lock files, folders and drives; save your personal information in Wallets; Shred files and clean your Windows History. The most prominent among these tools is the employment of folder lock software to protect your files from the events mentioned above. A folder locker will allow you to protect your files by keeping them locked in a password-protected folder. The Folder Lock tool secures the computer from external threats like viruses, trojans, spyware, and more.

If you want to change the protections for any document, select or deselect options as necessary, even if you only want to pause it for a few minutes. You can also cancel it by completely disabling the protection or removing files from the list with a single click, limiting outside access to your files. Apart from the above merits, folder lock software can also greatly reduce the chances of personal theft and virus attacks. Today’s world has become so unpredictable that protecting your data can seem like an overwhelming challenge. We will dive deep into these tools to share insight into their features and the price at which you can procure them.

Folder Lock + Activation Key

Folder Lock + Activation Key with the help of the Folder Lock’s password protection feature. Its real-time cloud syncing feature is especially beneficial to save your sensitive information by creating cloud-based secure lockers. Its interface is beautiful, with all its major features lined up and easily accessible on the left-hand side of your screen. You can easily encrypt your sensitive files by protecting them via a formidable password, shred files you don’t want anyone to find, and create easy backups of all your important files on the system.

As such, something as simple as folder lock software can protect the files you deem important. Hence, this tutorial will introduce you to some of the best and most popular folder lock software widely available today. Folder lock is a great-looking folder locker that works remarkably well on Windows 10, Mac, and Android devices. It combines several imperative features that all work together to protect your files from unwanted attacks and unauthorized access. Plus, you can also encrypt your CDs and USB devices. Folder Lock works under all flavours of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7/Vista/XP and later.

It can also be used for secure real-time backup, encrypting files, removing unwanted files, and a clean history. Users can also go into stealth mode with this tool and make the computer undiscoverable. ultimately let you decide whether to use a particular tool or skip to the next ideal option. A good folder lock for a PC will prevent unauthorized access to everyone who is not supposed to be privy to the folder’s content. Not just for office systems, Folder lock software is also highly recommended by security experts for personal devices.

Key Features:

  • Folder Lock has several unique features that secure the computer further.
  • There is an option of Virtual Wallets, which is a virtual encrypted space where users can easily store data safely in a cloud.
  • Important information like addresses, bank information, key documents, and other highly secured data can be safely stored here.
  • This information is protected by strong encryption technology, keeping crucial information safe from hackers and malware attacks.
  • The backup on cloud features allows real-time syncing of files on the local device and the cloud simultaneously.
  • Any modification on the local file will be updated on the cloud automatically.
  • Users can create storage lockers, which have military-grade protection, and users can lock files safely on the go.
  • Apart from the usual protection features, Folder Lock also has additional options, including Stealth Mode and Hacker Attempt Monitoring.
  • Shred files, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown PC, Lock your PC, Erase PC tracks, 256-bit Blowfish Encryption, and Context Menu in Explorer.

What’s New?

  • Password Lock
  • Encrypt files, CDs and USB devices
  • Create easy back-up
  • Shred files
  • Lock folders in seconds
  • Encrypt files on the fly
  • Sync & Backup encrypted files
  • Password-protect USB/External Drive
  • Shred and permanently delete files

System Requirements:

  • Folder Lock will run in Windows 2000
  • XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. 4
  • RAM and 5.0 of free hard disk space.

Serial Keys:

  • Q1Q12E4R5Y7U8Q2W3Y7U
  • 9Q2W3E4Y7U8Q2W3R5T6Y
  • U8I9Q2W3E4R5T6Y7UQ2W
  • E4T6Y7U8Q2W3E4R5T6Y7U

License Keys:

  • 8Q2W3E4R5T6Y7U845Y7U8
  • W3E4R5T6Y7U82W3E4R5T6
  • Y7U8I92W3E4R5T6Y7U8Q2
  • WR5Y7U8I9O0Q12WY7I9OQ

Activation Keys:

  • 2W3E4R5T6Y7U8I9Q2E34TR
  • 5Y7U8I9O0OIEW32QQ2WE3
  • R4T5Y6U78I9O91Q2W3E4R
  • 5I8902WU79Q12WE3R4Y78

Registration Keys:

  • IQ12WUR5T6U8I90O4R5T6
  • 8I90O7U89R5T6Y7U8W3E4
  • R5T6Y7Q12WE3R4T5Y6U7

How To Install?

  1. Ensure your computer/laptop meets the system requirements of the program, game, or utility you try to install.
  2. You can use any web browser to download Folder Lock.
  3. Suppose you haven’t installed the browser. You can use your operating system’s’s’s’s’s web browser.
  4. Click the “Download Folder Lock” tab. To download and install Folder Lock
  5. Once there. Click on the blue box that reads “Download.
  6. ” Click “Download
  7. Find the .exe file that you just downloaded and opened.
  8. Select Run to start the installer immediately after downloading.
  9. Read the provisions of the service carefully. Then select Accept and install.
  10. After installing a new program, please do so if it prompts you to reboot the computer.
  11. Now you can open the application.

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