Attribute Changer 11.10 + Serial Key Free Download 2023

Attribute Changer 11.10 + Serial Key Free Download 2023

Attribute Changer 11.10 + Serial Key Free Download 2023

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer 11.10 can modify the date and time on files, folders, and photos. Filesystem attributes can be changed and you can uppercase, lowercase or capitalize names. Much more powerful options include simulation, batch processing, randomization, and synchronization among others.The  Attribute Changer can modify the date and time on files, folders, and photos. Filesystem attributes can be changed and you can uppercase, lowercase or capitalize names.  others. This is an advanced and highly intuitive application that integrates into the Windows Explorer shell to grant you easy access to a file’s properties.

Attribute Changer is a powerful Windows Explorer Extension. It’s available at your fingertips whenever you right-click on files, folders, and even drives in Windows Explorer. The tool is loaded with exciting features and helps you manage your day-to-day tasks in Microsoft Windows. Attribute Changer is a powerful Windows Explorer add-on, available at your fingertips whenever you right-click on folders, files, and even drives within Windows Explorer. The application contains exciting features and helps you manage your day-to-day tasks in Microsoft Windows. They are used by the Windows operating system to flag special folders.” If you don’t already know what you’re doing

Want to make your files read-only to protect them against modifications or need to force a new backup version of a particular file without modifying the contents? The possibilities are endless. Attribute Changer can modify the standard attributes like ReadOnly, Hidden, Archive, System, Compress, and Index on files and folders. Name and extension cases of files and folders can be easily converted from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa, an interesting feature if you store your data on case-sensitive filesystems (such as Linux-based NAS systems).and it is also portable, allowing users to take the program with them wherever they go.

Attribute Changer + Activation Key Free Download

Attribute Changer + Activation Key Free Download can modify photo information (EXIF) by manually entering date and time values or you can choose to synchronize information with time stamps and file date. More advanced options such as modifying detailed parts of date and time stamps are available if needed. File and folder filters instruct AttributeChanger to exclude or include objects based on multiple criteria, such as attributes, date, time, size, and file or folder name wildcards. Ranges can be defined for most of them. Multiple criteria can be grouped to create a set of conditions to be applied to files and folders. it offers support for batch processing, so you can modify attributes for a selection of multiple files (regardless of their format)

Once installed, the program is accessed by right-clicking on the file or folder in question. From there, the program opens, with its functions organized into tabs for folder properties, file properties, reporting, and settings. The program allows users to change the file type (hidden, compressed, read-only, and so on) and adjust date and time stamps. Although the built-in Help file does an adequate job of explaining the program’s features, it’s not geared toward novices; the program and Help file both assume that users will have some experience with changing attributes and will know the hows and whys of doing so. For example, the Help file warns users

to attribute changer software for Windows. Using any of this freeware, you can easily grant or deny rights on a file and change its attributes like Read-only, System, Hidden, Compress, Archive, Temporary, etc. Most of these are batch file attribute changes. Additionally, you can even change file date and timestamp in most of these. All of these file attribute changes are pretty easy to use. A few of these can be used from a file’s right-click menu to change its attributes. Many of these are portable file attribute changes that can be used without installation.

Attribute Changer  +  License Key 2023

Attribute Changer + License Key 2023 allows users to change attributes on files and folders en masse. You can change standard attributes (RSHA), index attributes on Win2k, date, time, and the compression state on NTFS volumes. Exceptions and filters can be specified to fine-tune the process.
File Attribute Changer is a free utility to easily rename multiple files and folders, and change timestamps and system attributes utilizing regular expression for an extremely flexible search and replace capability. The program can handle hundreds of files and folders with ease, With the help of Attribute Changer you can not only modify file attributes but also date and time stamps

Attribute Changer for Windows is a free tool that lets you change multiple file attributes recursively, making it a great option for anyone who wants to edit the attributes of files on their computer. The utility allows you to set the attributes of both individual files and folders, including the date and time of file creation. The app also lets you choose the attribute for the type of file that the file is. Attribute Changer for Windows File and Folder Tools is an advanced program that allows you to change file attributes in Windows. With this program, you can modify the attributes of files and folders, including their name and extension.

Attribute Changer is a power user tool to change all kinds of file and folder attributes, date and time, and even NTFS compression. It features an easy-to-use interface and is loaded with exciting features. It adds itself to the context menus for drives, folders, and files. You can set up filters and exceptions to fine-tune the update process. Filters include attributes, size, date, and time. Exceptions allow you to include or exclude files and folders based on entire file and folder names respectively patterns., Attribute Changer isn’t going to explain it to you. Notable features include automatic reports for keeping track of tampered files, along with a simulation mode for previewing changes. More importantly.

Key Features:

  • Right-click add-on for Windows Explorer
  • Change standard Windows attributes (read-only, system, hidden, etc.)
  • Modify date and time stamps (Created, Modified, Accessed)
  • Modify photo date and time stamps (EXIF information)
  • Synchronize date and time stamps
  • Partial date and time stamp updates
  • Relative date and time adjustments
  • Randomize date and time stamps
  • Filters to exclude files and folders
  • Realtime reporting (simple and detailed)
  • Simulation mode
  • Complete the user manual with tutorials
  • Apply absolute and offset values to date and time
  • Apply a random date and time stamps
  • Synchronize date and time stamps
  • Change the case of file and folder names and extensions
  • Apply filters on selection to restrict processing
  • Simulation mode
  • Extensive, localized user guide in PDF format
  • Attribute Changer is free, even for commercial use

What’s New?

  • Enhanced JPEG EXIF header detection, supporting more JPEG files
  • Rewrite of detailed logging feature
  • Natural sort algorithm for detailed logging
  • Subdir state saved on exit


  • Keeps a log with saved changes
  • Supports batch processing
  • Immediately applies the necessary changes


  • Lacks security options

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1

Serial Keys:

  • Q12WE3R4T5Y67UI8O90PQ1
  • Q1W2E3R4T5Y6U7I8O90PQ1
  • W2E3R4T67I8O9P0Q1W2E3R
  • 467I8O90PQ12WE3R4T67I8O

License Keys:

  • 9P0Q1W2E3R4I8O9P0Q1W2
  • E3R4I8O90PQ1W2E3R467UI8
  • O90PQ1W2E3R4T7I8O90PPQ
  • 1W2E3R46I8O9P0Q1W2E3R4

Activation Keys:

  • Y67UI8O90PQ1W2E3R4T67I
  • 9P0Q12WE3R4TY6U7I8O90P
  • Q1W2E3R4TU7I8O90PQ2WE
  • 3R4TY6U7I8O9P0Q12WE3R4

Registration Keys:

  • UI8O9P0Q12WE3R4T67I8O9P0Q
  • 1W2E3R4T56YU78IO90PQ12WE3
  • R4T567UI89O0PQ2WE3R4T5Y6U
  • 1W2E3R4T56Y7UI8O90PQ1W2E

How To Install?

  1. Download the Attribute Changer installer file from the link above.
  2. Save the downloaded file to your computer.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded Attribute Changer installer file.
  4. Now, a smart screen might appear and ask for confirmation.
  5. Click “Yes” to confirm.
  6. Finally, follow the installation instructions until you get a confirmation notification of a successful installation process.

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